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Geo Leads  - Agent Leads Data Appends - Test
Geo Leads  - Agent Leads Data Appends - Test
RealTech Power Marketing

Geo Leads - Agent Leads Data Appends - Test

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 Your Monthly Subscription Includes:

✓ Your own leads upload

✓ Receive your leads' data* append matches including, Contact, Personal, Household, Financial Data and Behavioral Habits 

✓ Access to the Segmented Audience Creator

✓ Unlimited Segmented Audience Downloads

✓ Downloadable automated Segmented Audience, Custom Facebook, Direct Mail and Optimized Email lists

Price - US$

Payment/Billing - Your credit card will be charged when you place your order/s. All campaigns are billed monthly. Your credit card will automatically be charged on the same day of each month (anniversary date of 1st month's payment). Your  subscription will automatically renew monthly. You can cancel your subscription 30 days prior to the monthly recurring date, by emailing campaigncancellation@realtechpowermarketing.com 

* where available